Yaba-Ebute Metta, Adekunle, Lagos, Nigeria


  • Marketing the company services
  • Marketing facility management and cleaning service
  • Creating marketing goals related to customer acquisition, lead generation and revenue
  • Conducting market research on competitors to augment marketing efforts
  • Specifying a company's target audience based on market research
  • Presentation decks and webinars Cultivating relationships with potential customers—such as prospects and leads—to build the company's clientele
  • Analyzing the results of campaigns and making changes to outlast competitors.


  • freelance marketers
  • commission on a converted client
  • commission on any retainer ship job till termination date




  • Performing in-house, competitor, and consumer analyses to shape new undertakings.
  • Devising and coordinating intangible and experiential marketing endeavors.
  • Teaming with pertinent internal stakeholders to roll out seamless, effective campaigns.
  • Boosting our presence by harnessing paid and organic formulas.
  • Building sustained, profitable ties with our customers.
  • Analyzing metrics at strategic moments to ascertain successes.
  • Compiling informed reports to guide all marketing-related efforts.
  • Partaking in marketing workshops to enlarge your skill set.