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The Difference Between Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning

 A good house cleaning service can offer you a wide range of services. But when you’re given multiple options, it becomes harder to choose which one you need. Two of the most common cleaning services that are provided for you are regular cleaning and deep cleaning. 

The main purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your house. Regular house cleanings will cost you less when compared to deep cleanings.

 However, since regular cleaning is more about the maintenance, it’s usually done based on a schedule. 

If you invest in regular cleaning, here some tasks involved:

  1. Cobwebs removed
  2. Beds are welll made
  3. Floors are swept, cleaned, and mopped
  4. Carpets and rugs are vacuumed
  5. Surfaces (including fixtures and appliances) are wiped for dust
  6. Mirrors and windows wiped down
  7. Everything in the shower/bathroom is cleaned and disinfected
  8. Everything is the kitchen is cleaned
  9. Doors and window frames are cleaned
  10. Trash is taken out
  11. Beds are made

Deep Cleaning

While deep cleaning is more expensive than regular cleaning.
A deep cleaning service will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will cover the areas that aren’t typically covered in a regular cleaning service. It's involves those hard to access spot in your apartment.

The tasks between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning are almost the same but with a more detailed approach.


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