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12 Mistakes You Need To Avoid as an Entrepreneur.

Most times when I talk to Facility Managers but some call themself Cleaners/ Cleaning service providers that are not the topic we dwelling on today but that is a topic for another day. Most of us find it difficult to sell our services, Do you know you are a Facility Manager indeed just that you only pick a segment under the facility management and I usually ask them this simple question, “why are you not marketing yourself?" 


And the only thing I hear is crickets. 

A few find comfortable excuses…


The most common excuse is, “Cleaning, marketing is not my thing”.


Now, let me tell you, marketing is the sales engine of your business. 


Without marketing yourself only a few people will know about your solution and that limits your scope of impact, influence and profit.  


That is why I tell Cleaning service providers, to market their services shamelessly. 


If you're damn sure of the transformation you can get for your clients (no matter how little) deliberately marketing yourself shouldn't be a problem.


Being in the cleaning business is more than just giving value and posting on social media… 


Dear colleagues in this industry, anybody who is successful knows that business success depends on deliberate marketing. 


Successful cleaners don't leave things to chance, only gamblers do. 


So you must deliberately put yourself out there and be in your ideal clients' faces. 


There are cleaning companies who might not be as knowledgeable as you are, but because they market their services shamelessly, they reach out to more people and they sell out. 


There should be a process through which people get to know you and connect with you so that they can buy what you're offering. 


And you ignite that process by marketing yourself shamelessly, Am talking to you, you know yourself.

If you find it difficult to market yourself, here are some tips for you;


The first step is to correct your mindset. 


Mindset is everything. 


Work rigorously on the way you think of yourself. 


Some people have a limiting mindset and a scarcity mindset. 


In the last 3-days concluded PCV training, we talk extensively about all of these and how you can have a growth mindset and abundant mindset. 

"You can be busy but still be broke it all balls down to mindset".


Mindset is one of our major pillars at the PCV ACADEMY because I understand how deep and important it is. 

The second step is knowing who your clients are. 


Which is the same thing as coming up with a client avatar. 


If you're a long-standing subscriber and you read my post frequently, I've talked about clients' avatars so many times. 


It's that important in your business. 


And we teach that too at the PCV ACADEMY. In fact, one of the major activities is coming up with an ideal client avatar. 


The next few steps are to study your market, study the solutions that are already available and how your solution can be different and passed across to them in a language they want and understand. 


Then come up with a solid plan on how to reach your clients. 


If you're unreachable you're un-rich-able change that mindset today. Be available always for communication. 


Set your marketing plan straight, document it, and start implementing now!


See you in my next post on knowledge share FM. 


P.S. If you're struggling with these aspects in your FM/cleaning business the PCV ACADEMY, one-on-one consultation with the experts might just be the solution you need:

Discover your core purpose and how you can create impact and income with it.

Get super clear on your core message and the solution you are bringing to the marketplace.

Position your FM/ Cleaning brand in such a way that magnets the kind of clients you've been dreaming about.


Discover the perfect services you should design and how to launch them so you can scale like a pro.


This is half of the year, you need to evaluate yourself and your business. Have you met 50% of your target this year?

It's a question you need to ask yourself and answer truthfully. 

On preparation: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." On taking action: "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle

Abraham Lincoln.

"Who said I will prepare and some day my chance will come"


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