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Engr. Pompey Awosanmi FCILG, USA


He has vast working experience which cuts across the cleaning Service, business consultancy, telecommunication sector, oil and gas, facility management and environmental services.

Mr Joseph Ogundare FCILG, USA

Trainer/ Life Coach/ Counsellor

Joseph Ogundare is a thoroughbred professional with a natural intuitive ability and he has a great discerning spirit . Very knowledgeable and meticulous...a proven gogetter and an accomplished family man. A mentor and Coach to many. He is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Counselor, Experienced Trainer, teacher, Public Speaker & Work Life Advocate.

Initiating the importance of learning.....

We offer a complete onsite training and auditing service for cleaners, cleaning supervisors and housekeepers.

We are a professional cleaning consultant with a very wide range of experience and capabilities in any areas of cleaning and business development.

Got some technical questions? We’ll provide training, technical assistance, procedures and processes (operations documentation), auditing and practical skills assessment, independent expert witness work and much more!

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